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Bracket Dance

This is an experiment in dance.

It has been influenced by watching modern dance and learning a little bit about choreography. Details


An Experiment in minimalism. Details

A little geometry - Shadow Light

This short video uses a little simple geometry to create a loop, as I shall explain. Details.

Mix with Sin

An experiment in mixing two videos using a continuous cross fade, synchronised loosely to the audio track. Details.

Flower Rearrangement

A rhythmic video collage. The cut up images used here are of a couple of flowers and a geometric artwork. This provides the effect I wanted of combining natural and artificial shapes. Details.

Abstract Rearrangement.

Experiment in Video Collage where an abstract artwork has been cut-up and rearranged in various ways, including using some of the fragments as masks. Details.

Water Fall

Mixing two versions of the same video of a waterfall. The motion has been jittered to correspond to the beat of the audio track. Details.


An experiment in perspective. Many layers of the same video are projected onto receding transparent layers. Details.

Perpetual Motion

Geometric abstraction in motion. Built from some black and white geometric shapes, rotating or oscillating. Blended using exclusion, mostly. The separate components of the blend change continuously and are phased so to at the video could go on for a very long time, if I allowed it. This is a 2 min excerpt. Details.

Additional Videos published on Vimeo. Extracts on Instagram and Twitter

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