Seeking the Systematic in Visual Art.

Systems Art seeks to discover the systematic in visual art.

All the work shown here is original and has been made by Peter Henderson. All images and videos have been systematically generated, which by and large means they are the products of computer programming.

The images on the Image page are geometric. Most of them are constructed using vector graphics, which means they can print perfectly at any size. The vector files can be downloaded from the Images page.

The videos on the Video page are systematic in other ways. They are all abstract and have systematic relationships between their parts in time and/or space. In particular the time dimension has systematic coordination between moving image and audio, where there is audio.

The art term "Systems Art" (see wikipedia) generally refers to work of artists from the sixties and later who applied a geometric or otherwise systematic process to their paintings.

Often Systems Art is related to the use of the term Systems, as used in Cybernetics in the sixties, where engineering and social control systems were constrained by negative feedback to remain within tight limits.

The work shown here is systematic in these senses, where the systems have been made as simple as possible and the complexity arises from their interaction. The outcomes of such systems are generally reductive.

This site contains selected work. More examples and more explanations can be found on the social media links listed on the Contact page.