Square Dance

Experimental abstract video

It's not square. And it's not a dance. But it could be.

What it is, is a judicious mix of Geometry, Music and Code.

Let me explain.

The short video has six segments. Each segment is 10 secs and basically has a danceable 120bpm.

The geometry in the video is a kaleidoscope of rectangular tiles organised in two sets, like the couples in a dance.

The individuals dance by rotating. Imagine them stomping to the beat. Try it. It is danceable. I'm doing it myself now, as I type.

The music keeps pace as we move from set to set. Each set is accompanied by a different percussion sequence, while the tune goes from chorus to verse, round and round.

All the components, rotating images, percussion and melody are combined using code.

The experiment here was to see how simple the formal description of the structure could be. A measure of this is how much code is involved.

The answer is very little. If you allow for some reasonably complex libraries that I have made over the years.

In fact the code unique to this short performance is barely twenty lines. With the property that could be extended to longer, more complex pieces in the future.

This I intend to do in the near future. Watch this space. Or, if you can't wait contact me directly on Instagram.

Updated July 2018